Bee Packages & Queens


The Bees

We offer our customers the option of 2 lb or 3 lb packages, each with a mated queen. As an option, you may request an Italian or Carniolan Queen with your order. Please note, breed preferences are not guaranteed.

All packages are sourced from northern California.

Italians are the most popular honeybees in the world and are excellent honey producers, disease resistant, and gentle.

Carniolan honeybees have a reputation for surviving long, harsh winters; and build up quickly in the spring.

Order & Pick-Up

All orders for packages are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please print and complete the below form. Full payment is required for all orders, with checks payable to Honey Trails LLC. Once completed, please send to the Honey Trails Home.

Arrangement for payment with credit card can be scheduled in advanced with Chris at the Honey Trails Home but will be subjected to a 4% processing fee.

All orders are for pick-up at the Honey Trails Home only. Sorry, no shipping.

All payments are non-refundable.

You will be contacted once pick-up date has been verified. Due to weather and other shipping factors, exact day of pick-up is TBD, but can be expected in April.

All ordered packages must be picked up within 48 hours of notice of arrival.



Queen Replacement Policy

We will only replace dead queens, free of charge, in cage with original corks in place that were found dead when packages were opened.

Call us immediately when discovered. Queens must be returned in original cage.

Packages must be installed in a timely fashion, regardless of weather conditions, for warranty to apply.

Free queen replacement will not occur for the following reasons:

  • Queen flew from the cage.

  • Workers did not release.

  • Queen froze due to placement in hive.

  • Queen was rejected or supersedured.

These are industry standards. No exceptions.