Hive components are an integral part of a successful colony; and we pride ourselves in the quality construction of each individual piece. All components are for 10-frame hives - we do not construct 8-frame components.

  • All woodenware is assembled using galvanized fasteners, and joints glued with food grade water-proof Titebond III adhesive.

  • Plasticell foundations are USDA food grade plastic with USA beeswax coating - allowing bees to draw it out easily.

  • Bottom boards are made using cedar or cypress - wood species that have a superior natural rot resistance.

  • Telecovers are treated with a non-toxic coating on the underside to prevent rot from moisture that can chimney up through the inner cover.

  • All painted hives are double coated with top quality, semigloss, latex paint - hand-rolled and brushed for a thick, durable coating.